Protecting Your Interests In Employment Contracts

Employment contracts must be carefully composed and leave no room for interpretation. Egan Law Firm, LLC, provides efficient legal services to employers by helping reduce the risk of future conflict by drafting and negotiating fair and enforceable employment contracts.

We represent the interests of business owners, startup companies and entrepreneurs throughout New York. As a dedicated employment law practice, we are focused on helping our clients protect their businesses while sustaining healthy, productive work environments.

Drafting And Negotiating Employment Contracts

All employment contracts must meet specific legal standards. These set requirements are intended to protect both the employer and the employee, no matter how the working relationship ends. At Egan Law Firm, LLC, we often draft, review and negotiate employment contracts of all types. These routinely include:

Employment contracts that do not meet specified legal requirements have the potential to severely impact your business, especially if a claim is brought against you. To ensure that your business interests remain protected, obtain the support of an experienced attorney who can efficiently assist you in the creation, implementation and enforcement of all employment contracts.

Resolving Contract Disputes

As accomplished attorneys, we have spent years negotiating and litigating contract disputes, along with all other types of employment-related legal issues. If you are facing a legal dispute over a business contract, get a skilled negotiator and experienced trial lawyer on your side today.

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