Wage And Hour Claim Defense In New York

Wage and hour claims are among the most frequent types of lawsuits brought by employees against their employers. In many cases, these claims are made by workers who are classified and paid as independent contractors, but would prefer to be treated as employees for the purposes of seeking unemployment insurance as well as overtime pay.

If you are planning to dispute a claim made by an employee, it is essential to have an experienced employer defense attorney to provide support and guide you through the process. Egan Law Firm, LLC, is an employment law firm dedicated to helping employers protect their businesses and achieve their legal goals.

Legal Representation For Businesses Of All Size

We represent business owners, entrepreneurs and startup companies throughout New York for all types of wage, hour and employment-related issues. Employers must contend with numerous wage and hour concerns, including:

  • Overtime
  • Pay rates
  • Unpaid wage issues
  • Employment status (exempt vs. nonexempt, independent contractors)
  • Meal/rest breaks
  • Commissions or bonuses
  • Unlawful deductions

When wage and hour disputes arise, many factors will determine whether the employee has a valid case. At Egan Law Firm, LLC, we will work closely with you in exploring every opportunity to resolve the matter and mitigate the impact to your business as much as possible.

As skilled negotiators and experienced trial lawyers, we are prepared to advocate for your interests outside of court and through litigation, when necessary.

Do You Need Help Resolving A Wage Dispute?

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