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3 Ways to attract applicants to your business

With the national unemployment rate at an all-time low, many businesses are struggling to fill spots. If you’re looking for a few ways to improve your business’ appeal to potential applicants, the following options could do just the trick.

Beer-cart Fridays

As the government tightened up on many substance restrictions during the 70’s and 80’s, smoking and drinking in the workplace completely vanished. The behaviors were not only frowned upon but could actually get an employee terminated.

Today, however, some businesses are rethinking their stance on alcohol. In fact, there are a few workplaces that are not only discouraging it but also providing it during work hours.

It can be argued that the practice makes additional costs for the business, has the potential to decrease productivity and could increase the likelihood that employees to engage in harassment, discrimination or retaliation. These are all significant risks.

However, with the right rules in place, providing beer-cart Friday would definitely give your business a major perk that many others are afraid to offer.

Time with pets

Another new method for attracting applicants is to make your office pet-friendly. This can backfire with applicants who have allergies or fears related to animals. Similarly, if an untrained animal is brought into the workplace, it could risk the safety of other employees or present issues that lead to decreased productivity.

To avoid these issues, you can create a strong policy using a lawyer’s help. Otherwise, you may also choose to allow employees to work from home for a certain amount of time each week or month. This can allow pet-lovers and -haters alike to choose the company they’d like to be in during work.

Adding comfort

There are a ton of ways you can help make your workplace more comfortable. An easy way to do this is to allow employees to work from the comfort of their home for a certain number of days each week. If this is possible given the nature of the work, it will come at no additional cost to your business.

However, it’s still a good idea to make the workplace inviting too. One option is to provide free snacks for employees — even if it’s only on a certain day of the week. Try to avoid foods that may trigger allergies, such as nuts. Instead, go for a different affordable option, like fruit.

Other options depend on the nature of the employee's work. If your employees are standing in one spot, can you provide them with cushioned mats? If your employees are active in their work, how can you improve their break room? For workers that sit all day, can you provide standing desks or other ergonomic alternatives?

Any one of these factors can help set your organization apart from the rest. However, it’s a good idea to work with a professional while developing these policies to ensure that you aren’t at risk of violating employee rights and laws.

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