Why it is Important to Have a Pandemic Response Plan

The 2020 pandemic has affected organizations of all shapes, sizes, and niches in one way or another. Much has been learned about emergency responses, but it’s now time to use this experience as a learning curve and platform for future-readiness tools.

The world now sees the immediate and prolonged threat a pandemic poses to routine business operations. What happens if employees get sick and/or containment measures become necessary? Many organizations have found themselves seeking those answers from a New York employment law attorney after the fact.

What happens if supply and transportation lines get disrupted or halted? What impact would schools closing, travel bans, and non-essential activities being locked down have on an organization’s workforce? Again, many organizations faced just such questions as cities and states shutdown, and they found themselves seeking answers from a New York City employment law attorney.

The lesson learned was that some businesses could pivot in the moment of crisis and some couldn’t, but proper proactive planning would have made a huge difference in the ease of continued operations for any business.

What Is A Pandemic Response Plan? 

This is a proactive plan outlining specific actions in the event an organization is under threat from a dangerous virus being spread to its workforce. Remember, workforce interruptions mean productivity interruptions, which always equals financial shortfalls.

Here are some key questions that all organizations should address in their pandemic response plan planning:

  • How many employees are necessary to maintain efficient operations, and what are the roles of these critical staff?
  • If necessary, what percentage of employees can social distance in-house versus transition to work from home?
  • How would a public transit shutdown impact employees get to and from work?
  • How would airline restrictions impact the business’s normal operations?
  • How would university closures impact any student-occupied positions with the business?
  • How would school closures impact employees with children they’re unable to leave at home alone?
  • What resources are available to enable employees to work remotely – technology, learning tools, and so forth?

Even the experts are finding it difficult to forecast how the current pandemic will play out, much less the how and when of any future pandemics. However, executive management can work with IT and an employment law attorney in New York to ensure their organization has an efficient and effective plan in place to respond to the variables of these pandemics and to continue their critical operations.

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