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New workplace rights for 2018

As sure as that football team from New England always seems to be in the Super Bowl, New York will always have new labor laws. When you’re a smaller employer, you are wearing a number of hats and it can be difficult to keep up with workplace legislation.

Why NY banned credit checks for most hiring processes

New York is a leader in fighting discrimination through passing laws to help encourage fairness and equality. The same is true when deciding who to hire for your business. In an attempt to gain as much information on a possible candidate, you may find yourself infringing upon state legislature that prohibits certain interview questions and procedures. This includes requiring credit checks for non-government employees or applicants who are seeking a position within a financial institution where large amounts of funds will be handled regularly.

New York protects meal breaks for retail workers

Retail workers often have a variety of shifts. Some retail employees only work a few hours each week, while others work full-time. Sometimes, employees will take a longer shift to cover for a coworker. Amid the chaos of scheduling, employers must respect the laws that protect workers’ breaks. Meal periods, for example, are a special kind of break that New York requires in some situations.

Create policies that set employees up for success

You have worked hard and made your dream come true. You are opening the doors to your business. You’ve researched marketing strategies and created a business plan. You did research to find the right location. You know your demographic. You have researched your competition and are ready to make this long-time business dream a reality.